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Eddie Hernandez: "Lomachenko will beat Guillermo"


American boxer Eddie Hernandez (16-10-3, 6 KOs), who once was a sparring partner Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KOs), believes that Vasily Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KOs) should defeat the Cuban . He told about this in an interview with ESNEWS. Hernandez believes that Rigondeaux works too much from defense, but for the Ukrainian it will not be a problem.

"I think that Lomachenko will defeat Rigondeaux by a decision of the judges.
What can you say by Guillermo? He is a boxer of defensive style. He knows what he is doing. Unlike many other top-boxers, he does not deal many strikes. In sparring, he listens to the coach and does the same in the ring. Rigot does not even consider how many blows it does. But for him it is important where he hits. Maybe Guillermo does not have a powerful blow, but always punches accurately. He says that he will beat in the trunk and fall into the trunk.

Rigondeaux is very technical, but he is too defensive. You can not sit too much on the defensive. You need to step up, be aggressive. Do not forget about protection. If you do not hit a lot, then you miss less. You can win by the decision of the judges, but do not get the support of the audience.

Lomachenko already dealt with similar boxers. Maybe Vasiliy does not have the strongest blows, but he's constantly charged. "