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One day in the life of Vasyl Lomachenko


Vasyl, like your ordinary day passes?

- My day is usually quite difficult to call, rather, it is hard work. I get up at 4:45 am and from 5 to 6 am going to run. Back home, I go into the shower, do not eat, drink some water and go back to sleep.

- After getting it. But a month before the fight always starts to follow the routine nutritional and turn on a sports diet. At 12 o'clock I go to the gym. One and a half hour train, sometimes swim, sometimes doing various law enforcement work.

- After a workout, rest. When I come home, I spend time with my kids until about 18:00 pm. At 18:00 return to the gym and spend a 2-hour boxing workout. After - home, shower, dinner, rest and then go to sleep