Early career began in my mother's belly. After the hospital I was taken home, where my father first thing put boxing gloves on me. It happened in 1988! Then, my life and me moved smoothly into a boxing gym. And the most interesting thing is that I do not remember the beginning of boxing classes, because as I wrote above - it all happened smoothly.

I remember the first fight I had in 1994 at an international tournament "Hope" - I fought a guy 2 years older than me and heavier about 5-7 pounds! I won that fight, but it was made a draw for that guy was not upset. It was later explained to me by father who, by the way, arranged it. I mean draw.

Well, then other events followed, more tournaments, more cities, championships, where I was coming out the winner! I can not to describe all these events in details - I'll start right away with the national championship, at which I first went there and became a champion in 2004th year.

At the same year I was fighting at the European Championship in Russia (Saratov), there I was a winner in the 46 kg weight category. Also got there a cup as the best boxer of the European championship. 2005th year was memorable to me, because I had won the national championship among adults in the 51 kg weight . Next, the preparation for the Junior World Championships in Africa , the country of Morocco, Agadir began. Then the 2002nd year came, and we went to the World Championship in Morocco, where I spent 5 fights , 4 of which I finished ahead of schedule! And I won the world championship and in addition received the cup again as the best boxer of the tournament.

2007th year me, my dad and the team of Ukraine , went to the senior World Championship in Chicago (USA ) for a license to the Olympic Games in Beijing! At that tournament I spent 6 fights. After 4th fight I conquer a license and become a proud owner of tickets to the Olympic Games! Than 2 fight more, after which I got to the second step of pedestal of the World Championship. Next year we went to Beijing for the gold. Here it is the 2008th year. Olympic Games. I spent 5 fights and become an Olympic Champion and the Vel Barker’s Cup as the best boxer of OG. Then, the same year, 3-4 months ago, we went to the European Championship in England , the city of Liverpool, where I won again and became the best fighter of Europe. In 2009 I became the first world amateur champion from independent Ukraine! This took place in Milan, Italy. 2010th year, I missed all the tournaments due to injury, and in 2011 went to defend the title of the World Champion and to win a license to the Olympic Games (London, 2012) in the city of Baku, Azeybardzhan. And I got it ! So I’m - a two-time World Champion!

2012 - After winning a second Olympic gold medal at the London Olympics, has signed a contract with the newly-minted semi-professional team of Ukrainian Atamans, for which, by the way, I came up with the name. This season Atamans reached the final of a series of WSB, which controversially lost the tournament hosts Wolves from Astana. I won the first place at individual rankings WSB in the category up to 61 kg.

2013 - Transferred to professionals in the United States by signing a contract with one of the largest promoting companies in the world, Top Rank. Thanks to the brilliant amateur past, starting immediately with the 10-round bout.